Case Study: Overcoming Leadership Crisis in a Mid-sized Technology Company

by | 14 Sep 2023 | Case Studies


Our client, a mid-sized technology company specializing in cloud-based ERP software development, faced a critical challenge when their Chief Technology Officer (CTO) resigned suddenly. This departure left the company without essential leadership at a crucial stage in its development, leading to issues in project management and timely client deliveries.


The primary objective was to ensure continuous operations, efficiently manage ongoing projects, and address the skill gap created by the abrupt departure of a key executive.


To bridge this leadership gap, our client made the strategic decision to hire an interim CTO with extensive experience in leading software development teams and project management. In pursuit of this goal, they turned to Valtus UK, a renowned European leader in Interim Management provision.


Leveraging our extensive network of interim managers, we meticulously screened and shortlisted three highly qualified candidates for our client’s interim CTO position. We actively supported the client throughout the final selection process, ensuring alignment with their specific needs. The chosen interim CTO possessed a track record of successfully guiding similar businesses through periods of rapid international growth, making them an ideal fit for the role.

Actions Taken:

Our appointed interim CTO swiftly embarked on several strategic actions to address the challenges faced by the organization:

  1. Project Assessment: The interim manager conducted a thorough assessment of ongoing projects, identifying gaps and challenges in project management and team collaboration.
  2. Enhanced Project Management: A more efficient project management system was established, including the implementation of new internal technologies and streamlined processes. This overhaul aimed to foster increased collaboration and visibility across the entire team.
  3. Talent Development: The interim CTO provided mentorship to existing team leads, ensuring that knowledge transfer occurred smoothly. To fill skill gaps, two senior software development team leaders were recruited.
  4. CTO Recruitment: Collaborating closely with the HR department, the interim CTO initiated the search for a permanent CTO to provide long-term stability to the leadership team.


The actions undertaken by the interim CTO produced significant and positive outcomes for our client:

  1. Project Success: Under the interim manager’s guidance, the company successfully delivered all pending projects on time, reestablishing client confidence and trust.
  2. Improved Employee Morale: Employee morale and engagement levels saw notable improvements due to the enhanced project management and mentorship provided by the interim CTO.
  3. Permanent CTO Found: Within six months of the interim CTO’s tenure, the company successfully identified and appointed a suitable candidate for the permanent CTO role, ensuring continuity in leadership.

This case study highlights the critical role that interim leadership can play in overcoming unexpected challenges and maintaining operational excellence within an organization. It also demonstrates the value of effective project management and talent development in ensuring business success during times of transition.