As we welcome President Macron to London, Alium Partners and Valtus forge new growth

Nigel Peters

Today we welcome the French president Emmanuel Macron to London to commemorate the 80th anniversary of wartime leader Charles de Gaulle’s BBC broadcast to occupied France after the 1940 Nazi invasion.

It was 80 years ago that General Charles de Gaulle broadcast a historic message from London to his fellow countrymen imploring them not to give up the fight against Hitler. Today our economy faces an entirely different set of problems and so there is no better time for us to work closely with our allies and friends in France.

Alium Partners and Valtus joined forces a year ago and we have thrived together; the challenges of Coronavirus and Brexit have given us a unique moment of opportunity to clasp hands across the English Channel and bring value to our clients.

We are not just neighbours across la Manche, together we are the gateway to new markets in Europe and around the globe.

We have used our special relationship to forge the growth of Valtus Group and recently we welcomed an investment and new partnership in the Valtus Group by Societé General and Geneo, a French Family Office.

It is a huge pleasure to work with Philippe Soullier and his amazing team in France and like the Red Arrows and the Patrouille de France we fly in formation together for the future.