Globalise Annual Conference 2019

Paris, 3-5 July 2019

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At the start of the year, I updated you on Alium Partners becoming part of Valtus France, the leading European transition (interim) management provider. This also bolstered our link with the world’s  largest interim management consortium, Globalise, of which we are a key member.

We met with our Globalise partners in Paris last week, and the insights into Europe and North and South America were fascinating. Every country is different – legally, culturally and politically – and each has its own unique challenges. Even the commercial and business models differ in every region. What is clear though, is that the need for senior transformation talent is something that all markets have common.

We were lucky to share case studies across many different sectors, German automotive, Italian engineering, UK technology or French fashion. While the situations and approaches varied greatly, the need for highly-experienced turnaround and improvement specialists remained constant.

So as the UK and its politicians continue to gaze internally rather than internationally, it is great to be part of a bigger more outward looking group.

So Alium Partners goes from strength to strength and if you want to hear more insights about the specific dynamics outside of the UK, just drop me a line. Meanwhile, below is a message from Globalise’s founding chairman, Philippe Soullier.

Philippe Soullier
Founding Chairman, Globalise and CEO, Valtus

If you would like to find out more about Globalise, please call Nigel Peters on 0207 398 7500.