Interim Managers – Are you ready?

Dani Hussey
With 10 years’ experience within the Interim Management and recruitment industry, Dani leads Valtus UK’s internal and external operational activities, including IT, marketing, contracts and Talent Management strategies.
With the job market bouncing back, have you positioned yourself ready to assist your clients in their recovery/growth efforts? There is a lot of discussion about businesses planning to hire full time employees; we believe that they may need to rely upon the gig industry more than ever.

In the aftermath of the virus, businesses are examining their strategic and recovery planning in case we get a repeat of the lockdowns; the need for an interim manager will be high on their list as a quick and cost-effective solution to a skills or planning gap.

As an interim manager you know that it is always a good idea to keep your resume as up to date as possible, but how do you ready yourself post-pandemic, and how do you ensure that you demonstrate the right skills for the challenge?

Your resume

Should be factual and include numbers and results. It is always a good idea to include size of businesses in terms of turnover, number of employees, budget responsibilities and divisional turnover. This gives the customer an idea of relevancy to their own business and a sense of confidence in your ability to meet their needs. Keep the text informative but to the point.

Your network

You should use social media platforms as an extension of your resume, so ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and relevant. Utilise your recommendations (request them if you don’t have any) and thank the people who give them; a little appreciation goes a long way. Use social media platforms actively and make appearances in networking events and seminars. This is all great for creating some awareness and of course the more you network, the more opportunities you create for yourself.

Your personal brand

Competition is tough and there are many interim managers out there all ready geared up and well positioned for their next assignment. What makes you different? What is your personal brand story?

If you have an up-to-date resume and you are active on LinkedIn, that will create awareness and increase your network, but it is the story you tell when you have people’s attention that matters. Your personal brand tells us who you are.

Think about how people describe you when you are not there, the things that make you unique and memorable (for the right reasons of course). You can’t fake this, it is the ‘you’ that other people see and you need to pin down what is special about that ‘you’.

This is something that you really need time to think about, so start it right now; many of your competitors don’t know what makes them stand out from the rest, so steal a march on them.

Take control of your own narrative and you will become more visible, your relationships will flourish and opportunities will start to flow.

Speak to Our Talent Team now!

At Valtus our Talent Consultants analyze each of our manager’s profiles in order to gain a firm grasp of their personality and skill set. They have a vast experience and ability to hear what is being said, they know how to quickly assess each candidate’s strengths and identify where s/he would be most effective.

The Valtus Talent Consultants build close ties with our interim executives. They guide these champions over the long term and provide individual ongoing support when and where needed.

If you think you are ready for your next assignment, make sure we know about you!

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