Market Update: July 2018

By Nigel Peters

Valtus Managing Partner Nigel Peters gives his perspective on the state of the market today, and answers some of your most asked questions.

It has been a while since I burst into print and while I try to call as many of you as I can, there is never enough time in the day. So time to reignite my comments via the blog and answer some of the general market place and business questions.

So how is the interim market? Is there one and if so, how do we address it?

Yes there is and it is alive and very buoyant in my humble view. I have never seen activity levels like it, yet it is a very different market to even 5 years ago.

So why haven’t you given me a role yet, you ask? Well while we try our very best to help you, we are but one route to market and there are many. That said if you do use us, we bring a lot of wider value too.

Addressing the market – The importance of relevance and knowing what you do

So often I meet businesses and they know they need to change and adapt to stay agile in the ever-changing market place. But the Rumsfeld ‘unknown unknowns’ and just being too close to everything leads to a stale, inward looking organisation and one which will fail in the highly competitive world we live in.

Our current market is dynamic, full of the challenges from the internet, our politicians and not least Donald Trump. But it is the world we live in and so we have to adapt or fail. And adapt quickly. Technology, disrupters and a falling pound with rising oil prices is not for the faint hearted. But if you are clear on what you do, and the value you bring to a consumer or client, you will be fine. And that is the same for all – single PSC interim, SME or corporate.

So if the market is busy and we are all adapting, what about Valtus?

Well have a look at our new website, logo and proposition. Great people, globally at pace. So often my clients, despite having in-house teams, LinkedIn and headhunters galore, still cannot find the right people, quickly, to fix, focus or grow their business. There are so many reasons for that and perhaps for my next missive.

Meanwhile, have a look around our new website and the great team of business advisors and amazing recruitment professionals whom can do the impossible for you quickly, cost effectively and with success. They are a great team.

Finally a thanks to Ben Glazier and his amazing small graphic design business in Mortimer Street