Market Update: September 2018

Hello to each of you and thank you from the team at Alium Partners for your continued support. We quietly go from strength to strength with a more global and focused offering than ever before. Have a look at the new website particularly for our work with Globalise and our new international partners.

The market

As ever the question I am asked most often is ‘how is the market’, so here is my latest take on the roller coaster ride fuelled by political meandering, a wandering currency and visionless leadership from our masters. Not a pretty sight, but then how are we supposed to unravel over 40 years of EU membership in such a short time? Let’s pray for some common sense from both sides, rather than a messy divorce.

I continue to say that Brexit is a micro rather than macro issue. We have full employment, an unstable economy, and the potential for further currency fluctuations. But we can and will be an international trading platform, a special partner to the USA and we still have some of the keenest and best business talent in the world. If ever there was a time to paddle our own canoe it is now. Don’t wait for the answers, make the necessary changes quickly and smartly.

With that in mind Alium Partners has a new and vibrant home, the tech and innovation hub of WeWork in Moorgate. So here’s an unashamed plug for them, such is my belief in their model. No more lengthy lease, lots of meeting rooms, smart office, fast broadband, a bright and helpful support team, free coffee, weekly breakfasts and every other facility you could want – including free beer and cider on draught.

It is an interesting business microcosm as teams and business units white board, brainstorm and drive their organisations without the structures of large overheads – isn’t it called sanity against vanity? Is there still the need for huge offices and infrastructure that we see for law firms, headhunters and the like? Have you looked critically at your fixed costs as we roller coaster out of Europe?

That said it is a buoyant market. Keep networking as the need for talent prevails more than ever – and at pace and we are here to help.

Nigel Peters is Managing Partner at Valtus.