Strategic Merging of Dual Portfolios at Private Equity Firm

by | 21 Sep 2023 | Case Studies


A leading Private Equity firm had recently acquired two major portfolio companies. Both firms offered complementary Analytics Machine Learning solutions but had distinct operational methodologies, cultures, and clientele. The merger of these two companies promised substantial synergies but was fraught with complexities.


Seamlessly integrate operations, harmonise company cultures, and maximise value creation for stakeholders.


Recognising the intricacies of the task Valtus were appointed to find a suitable interim manager.  Due to Valtus’s market expertise they found a highly experienced and seasoned interim manager who was well-versed in managing complex mergers in the tech sector.

Actions Taken

  • The selected interim manager initiated a deep dive into both companies, understanding their operational structures, strengths, and challenges.  A very sensitive and diplomatic approach was needed as there was going to be duplication of capabilities across both senior leadership teams.
  • The interim manager formed a steering committee comprising key leaders from both companies, fostering open communication and collaboration.  Acting as the chair for these critical meetings was essential to managing a very sensitive situation.
  • They identified overlapping operations and streamlined them to eliminate redundancies, whilst collaborating with both teams.
  • They launched joint training and team-building activities to cultivate a unified company culture.
  • They conducted regular feedback sessions with stakeholders to ensure alignment with merger goals.  Voluntary redundancies were offered and simplified the consolidation.  In conjunction with HR a new Organisational Design was implemented successfully.  The independence of the interim manager was critical in staying above the intra and inter-politics.


The merger was successfully completed within ten months. The consolidated entity witnessed a 15% increase in combined revenues within the first year and reported high employee satisfaction levels, indicating a harmonious blending of cultures.