Back to work: Embracing Positive Change and Collaboration

by | 31 Aug 2023 | Valtus News

Image: The Valtus UK team, at the end of our offsite meeting last month. Anti-clockwise from top right: Steve Rutherford, Nicolette Ford, Pippa Naish, Olivier Marret and Mobin Zaidi.

At Valtus UK, we firmly believe in collaborative partnerships, effective communication, and a respect for all perspectives. These values, plus hard work, and expertise, empower our clients’ organisations to thrive.

These same values permeate through to our own team. We advocate a low ego, collaborative mindset where all suggestions are collectively considered. We celebrate each other’s successes and having fun is important to us, which is why our anticipated return after the well-deserved summer holidays fills the air with renewed energy.

The past month of comparative respite and revitalisation has offered our team the opportunity to acquire fresh perspectives. Valtus UK are eager to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This period of transition represents not only a return to routine but also an opportunity for personal and collective growth.

The French have a term for this point in the year: la rentrée (literally meaning ‘the return’ or ‘back to work’). It’s a season filled with positivity and rejuvenation, as new merchandise graces the shelves of stores, fresh TV programmes light up screens, and a wave of new books hit the market. The nation is alive with a plethora of new exhibitions and cultural events, each contributing to the vibrant atmosphere that engulfs the entire country. There’s a certain ‘joie de vivre’ in the air and it comes after the summer holidays, which seems strange to us Brits for whom all the excitement stands firmly within the August holidays.

We’re following in the footsteps of our French colleagues by observing “la rentrée” at the beginning of September. The excitement that accompanies our return is more than just a commitment to meeting deadlines and achieving goals. It’s a dedication to pushing boundaries, surpassing expectations, and striving for excellence in every endeavour. 

Change is an inevitable and essential part of progress, and September marks the perfect time to implement positive changes. Whether we’re refining our internal processes, exploring innovative strategies, finding new ways to reach the best solutions for our clients, or honing our collaborative spirit, we are committed to making the most of this exciting phase.

In short, summer has been a chance for Valtus UK to hit the refresh button and come back stronger than ever. See you at la rentrée! Back to work.