Valtus Group and Nordic Interim acquires Nexus Interim

by | 17 Sep 2021 | Valtus News

Welcome Nexus Interim!

The consolidation of the Interim Management market is entering a new phase. Through the acquisition of Danish Nexus InterimValtus – Leader européen du management de transition takes the next step in the consolidation of the Interim Management market with the ambition of creating a global player.

Nexus Interim is the largest and leading provider of Interim Management in Denmark and together with Nordic Interim – Experts in Interim Management for Executives, the leading Interim Management provider in Sweden and Finland, the Valtus Group is further strengthening its position in the Nordic countries.

Together with Valtus the operations will have sales of more than SEK 750 million with their own offices in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

Göran Johansson, CEO of Nexus Interim:

“There is a large skills shortage of experienced leaders and specialists, and we are experiencing a constant increase in demand for Interim Managers. Where Danish companies previously preferred Danish Interim Managers, we now see an increased demand for the best Interim Managers in the international market, which we can now offer.”

Björn Henriksson, CEO of Nordic Interim:

“Nexus Interim has a long experience of offering its customers high-quality services. With Nexus Interim, we will strengthen our overall position within the Group, and especially in the Nordic countries. With our offices in Sweden, Finland and now Denmark, we will add unique value to our Nordic customers.”

Philippe Soullier VALTUS Soullier, CEO and founder of Valtus Group:

“As the leader in the Swedish and Finnish interim management markets, it was natural for us to acquire Nexus Interim, which is the Danish leader, to consolidate our position in the Nordic market. Consolidating the leading players in each country gives our customers access to the best executives with the same level of operational excellence and performance all over the world.”

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