Valtus Group Launches Valtus Alliance

by | 15 May 2023 | Valtus News

The world events of recent years have led to accelerated change in the business world. To remain competitive, businesses need to adopt changes fast.

Consequently, more executive management teams are realising the value of engaging interim executives to help with business turnarounds and key transformations. The Executive Interim Management industry in Europe is growing by 10-15% per year.

It is in this climate that Valtus Group launches Valtus AllianceTM, a worldwide network of leading executive interim management companies. The alliance works together with common standards of excellence, to deliver bespoke solutions internationally. It creates a global network of executive interim managers capable of providing fast, effective solutions to complex issues.

By utilising this network, Valtus Group can quickly and efficiently find the right manager for an assignment wherever in the world. The launch of Valtus AllianceTM heralds an even brighter future for the industry.

“Recent world events have redefined the future of work. Companies need flexibility, agility, and the right leadership and skills, at the right time to solve specific complex challenges. Valtus Alliance offers solutions to meet these needs anywhere in the world. The Executive Interim market will continue to grow at a high speed, and we are committed to be in the forefront of developing this industry.”

Phillipe Soullier, CEO of Valtus Group.

Valtus AllianceTM members

Valtus, France
Management Factory, Austria
Nordic Interim, Sweden
Accord Group, Belgium
AGIM, Czech Republic
Nuvadis, Poland
Radialis, Singapore
Valtus, UK
Nordic Interim, Finland
Nexus Interim, Denmark
Telos Transition, Brazil
Duke&Kay, Italy
Epunto Interim Management, Spain