How to Diagnose and Fix a Cross-Border Supply Chain Issue

by | 8 Feb 2022 | Case Studies

Supply chain issues threaten to turn the UK market into a loss-maker for a French company 

A French company came to us with supply chain issues. They were supplying a product, packaged in Italy, to stores in the UK. Supply chain disruptions were causing inconsistent production and unpredictable delivery schedules, plus incurring harsh penalties for late deliveries to retailers due to the supply chain issues.

In addition, the post-Brexit customs procedures were having an impact on lead time and pricing, so although the company had a healthy growth across Europe, they suddenly saw a drop of profitability in the UK market.

Our solution: A Valtus Interim Manager with cross-border supply chain experience

With Partners and Managers across Europe, Valtus are uniquely placed to supply Interim Managers with cross-border supply chain experience in manufacturing, shipping, and customs.

We appointed an Interim Manager to assess competencies, processes, people, and technologies, identify areas for improvement, negotiate a realignment of expectations and focus on achieving outcomes that were satisfactory for all stakeholders.

Our Interim Manager was supported by a network of Partners with global perspective, specific industry experience, and an understanding of the challenges facing their commercial client.

Key outcome: An effective new supply chain created from local specialists

As our Interim Manager and Partners have connections in a range of industries across Europe, we were able to assess the supply chain, diagnose strengths and weaknesses and assemble a team to fix the problem at pace.

Our global connections enabled us to enact proper chains of communication and change through local specialists. This ability to work on both sides of the border with equal skill is a key difference in our offering in a post-Brexit market.