The success of your business is at the heart of everything we do. We have one constant focus, to deliver the right skills to help you transform your business at pace because we know that time is critical.

A swift response to your needs:

When you contact us, we will immediately arrange a call to understand your needs. Within 48 hours, we will have captured the key aspects of your request, translated it into a proposal and we will be on the way to finding the right executive. Within a few days, our Talent team will have defined a shortlist of talented experts, each of them immediately available to land your transformation projects. Our partners have interviewed them and selected them for you. We would expect that within ten days, our Manager can start on the assignment. Efficiency and agility in action.

To ensure the success of each assignment, the Manager will produce an audit and set of recommendations within the first three weeks, which will be presented to the Client. When all stakeholders are aligned, the core part of the project can commence.

Throughout the assignment, our Managers have the ongoing support of their dedicated and highly experienced Partner. With a wide range of background knowledge, they advise and support through regular touchpoints, a continuous flow of communication and a three-way relationship between Client, Manager and Partner; the processes are well defined, the stages of development are monitored, guaranteeing focus and delivery.

At Valtus we understand that no two companies are alike.
We use our experience as business people to deeply understand your business objectives and your needs.


When we take on a new brief, it often comes at a time of change within your organisation. We want to understand the end goal, the constraints, but also your company values and specificities, ensuring that every element of your need is heard and met. We will question and dig deep to approach the job with the best picture and find the perfect match.


Once the brief is formulated and aligned, we will source the perfect executive for the assignment. We will select from our extensive network of managers, seasoned and grounded professionals, in order to make sure the Manager we choose will bring skills that deliver success.


Before the assignment starts, we train the manager to our methodology and our reporting tools and make sure (s)he owns the best practices to guarantee the easiest landing in your business, supported by the most appropriate Partner. Throughout the weeks and months of the assignment, regular checkpoints and a strict follow up are organised with the client and the manager. Our Partner supports, coaches and guides the Manager to ensure delivery according to plan.


The companies we support see transformation as the best method to remain ahead of the many technological, economic and environmental changes in a world that is new every day. Transformation Management is also the fastest way to adopt innovative managerial practices, develop new cultural benchmarks, make the most of new processes and boost agility. Overall, we deliver experience, change and success.

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Want to know more? We are here to help.

020 7398 7500

Want to know more? We are here to help.

020 7398 7500