How we are different

Robust methodology and global reach

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Support and Report

Our managers know how to use our reporting tools, best practices and comprehensive methodology to ensure a smooth intervention right from the start.

Throughout the assignment, we organise regular updates with the manager, the client and the specifically dedicated Valtus partner to address any issues that arise and make sure the progress remains on track.


The Power of Three

Our partners are well-versed in the challenges you face today. They will provide ongoing expert guidance and play a pivotal role in the three-way relationship we build with you and the interim manager selected for your assignment.

These tri-party meetings are the perfect opportunity for you to address any changes in direction and feedback to your Valtus partner as well as the Interim Executive in regards to the assignment deliverables.


Global Reach

We have an exceptional network giving us an active presence around the globe.

Our colleagues in 15 countries give us instant access to international markets and candidates.

Our Valtus UK office acts as a gateway to Europe for companies in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East; for European companies seeking a solution in those markets.


The Valtus offering differs from both traditional management consultancy and everyday recruitment consultancy.

Interim management outperforms both.

In management consultancy the requirement for external validation and the training of junior associates can mean it takes too long to identify and understand the issue.


Expensive partners mean higher cost implications, plus the knowledge and IP gathered during the project is not transferred to the client.

In recruitment there’s a long search process plus interviews and notice periods that can mean a delay in activation. Recruiting someone comes with costs for recruitment, training, coaching and benefits and there’s considerable risk without assurance of success.

Interim management is faster and more effective


Are you facing a business transformation?
Chat with one of our partners to discuss how we can help you.