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We drive process improvement and operational efficiency. We deliver change that improves revenue or the situation of your company. Whether you’re entering a turnaround, or implementing a new project or programme, or you need help with the unplanned, the unexpected, or the unwelcome, we transform your business and achieve your desired outcomes.

An interim manager is not simply a gap fill

For us, interim management is the successful execution of transition. Transition can be a response to an unexpected departure, a stalled programme, a troubled business, or an upcoming IPO. Any business, in any set of circumstances, can gain benefit from a new set of ideas, insight and skills, delivered by a leading interim manager and supported by the methodology and Partners of Valtus.

The success of transition is measured by its outcome, its legacy and the knowledge transfer it gives back to the business.

Our interim managers bridge capability and capacity gaps in organisations, helping to deliver increased revenues, stronger operating performance and improved financial results. However, they are not simply a gap fill.

Our interim managers are executives who work in line management, project and programme management roles providing leadership and support to organisations of every shape and size. They are transition managers with proven track records for facilitating change based on sound research, experience and ability. They often fulfil a role that is not part of the standard operating model of the organisation.

Whatever their remit, our interim managers are not alone

We place two people in every assignment instead of one. Every experienced and skillful interim professional we place, comes with an equally experienced and skillful Valtus partner. Our partner manages the project alongside our interim manager, supporting them every step of the way and in turn, they follow our robust reporting methodology.

That’s what makes us different. Read more about how we’re different here.


Are you facing a business transformation?
Chat with one of our partners to discuss how we can help you.