How a third-party logistics business improved their bottom line with an Interim Digital Transformation Director

by | 11 Mar 2022 | Case Studies

The Challenge: Failing productivity in a challenging market

Our client was a third party logistics business struggling for productivity in a challenging market. Their offering was loaded with cost and customer satisfaction was falling.

The client viewed technology as a back office function with little impact on the bottom line or customer experience. Their PE backers engaged Valtus to undertake a review of the business’ digital capability and we engaged an Interim Digital Transformation Director, who had a long track record of success in Industrial clients.

The Solution: A review by an experienced Interim Digital Transformation Director identified key opportunities

The review led to three critical findings:

  • technology having no impact on the customer journey
  • the client’s call centre model was expensive to run and unpopular with customers
  • there was little connectivity between the operational leadership and the driver on the road, meaning delivery delays couldn’t be communicated to the end customer

The review was accepted by the client.

The IM moved to the delivery phase, with a primary focus on switching as much of the customer journey to a technology enabled solution. The principal change undertaken during the 6 month assignment was the movement of the customer journey to be handled by self-serve technology i.e. ‘bots’.

The call centre team was reduced by natural attrition and performance review, leaving a core team of quality professionals capable of handling escalations. Historically the team had been bogged down by volume, unable to meet customer expectations resulting in low motivation and retention.

The Results: significant bottom line improvement and considerably less staff churn

The self-serve technology increased customer satisfaction by 300% and brought down the ‘cost to serve’ by 60%, resulting in significant bottom line improvement.

Restructuring the call centre team led to ‘churn’ dropping by 50% in the 6 months following the change programme.

Our Interim Manager then onboarded a full time replacement to oversee the roll out of the rest of the blueprint, enhancing the digital capability of the business, increasing customer satisfaction and improving profitability.