How our Interim CIO delivered effective technology transformation for a FTSE 250 company by challenging the brief

by | 8 Jun 2022 | Case Studies

How do you rescue a project when it flounders due to a lack of leadership?

We recently worked with a FTSE 250 business services company who contacted us to help them deliver a systems change.

They had searched for a CIO for 11 months but had found no one with the correct experience and prior to contacting us, they had hired consultants to assist. Unfortunately, the consultants experienced issues with the specification and the budget and they did not grasp the needs of the business.

Our solution: An experienced Interim CIO who was willing to challenge the brief.

Ten days after they contacted us, we had sourced and onboarded an experienced Interim CIO.

Over the course of the following two weeks, he reviewed the situation, listened to the client and questioned the brief. In doing so, he identified a disparity between what the company had asked for and what they needed.

By winding back and redirecting the project, the interim manager guided the company to a more effective solution.

Key outcomes: Systems change delivered effectively and a new CIO in place 

Our Interim CIO gained the trust of the stakeholders, questioned the brief and redirected the plan and successfully delivered the required outcome.

He stayed on with the company to continue managing the changing environment.

Interim Managers are masters of change, willing to challenge the brief in order to deliver the outcomes your business needs.