Congratulations to Nigel Peters, who is celebrating ten years at Alium Partners.

Alium Partners
Nigel joined Alium Partners in April 2010 as Director of Private Sector and was made Managing Director a year later in 2011 whilst still managing the business’ Private Sector accounts.

Since joining the business Nigel has led many major change projects whilst maintaining a high level of staff motivation through the more challenging times. Most recently he has led the sale of Alium Partners to our new owners, Valtus Ltd, the leading European provider of Interim Managers and he is managing the on-going transition that comes with this sale.

Nigel is responsible for the company’s most lucrative business relationships, proving that a values-based approach will always result In long term success.

Award-Winning Expertise

Nigel is on the Lord Mayor of London’s Steering committee and has played a big role in the charity’s City giving day. Alium Partners won the Lord Mayor’s ‘Dragon Award’ in 2015 for our charitable work in the City of London, helping to address high youth unemployment in the East End. Using our expertise in HR and resourcing, Alium Partners’ staff volunteers worked with young graduates who faced barriers to the workplace. We hosted interview days, director-led mentoring sessions and advice on networking, to help the young candidates increase their confidence and boost their chances of employment. After just three months, 50 per cent of the young people had successfully entered the workplace.

The effort was prompted by staff who wanted to do something that made a fundamental difference to peoples’ lives and Nigel made it happen.

Calm Head in a Storm

The market that Nigel now faces is not dissimilar to that when he joined Alium Partners on the back of the recession that hit businesses very hard, however his positive and proactive nature towards market downturn is always to see the opportunity; we weren’t disappointed then and we aren’t disappointed now as the current desire for crisis management expertise, HR and Finance key staff is at an all-time high. Nigel brings his military expertise and calm approach to highly volatile situations, bringing calm and efficiency with the same level head and passion for business as he had when joining Alium Partners.

Dani Hussey, Director of Operations and Talent is responsible for driving Nigel’s vision; she says “Nigel has a passion for all business, which is why he is most suited to his current position, this filters to each and every employee who wants to be part of the success of the company and also drives their personal achievements. From a leadership perspective Nigel uses empowerment to drive his vision through his team, always pushing them to achieve more than they thought was possible. To me personally Nigel has been a great mentor and a pleasure to work with over the years. His ability to work at such pace never ceases to amaze me, even when it means having to run to keep up!”

Tony Devenish AM – Greater London Authority – Regeneration Chairman says:

“Happy 10th Anniversary to Nigel and Alium Partners. At this challenging time it is real leaders like ex Royal Air Force, and ex Serco Nigel who will keep the UK, London and global business powering forward.

Nigel always puts the customer first, few individuals in my experience, geniunely understand so many business sectors as Nigel. From fast food to property to energy (to name but three), to the importance of ‘giving back’ through charity endeavours.  I was delighted when Valtus, Europe’s leading interim management company, merged with Alium Partners, demonstrating the City of London remains at the apex of European business.

Keep safe my friend – here’s to the next decade.”

As we know Nigel never stops and he has recently released a crisis management blog to help support our Clients and Managers and his unique skills are in heavy demand helping the NHS beat our current crisis, supporting high-level teams and suppliers in the Healthcare sector.

We all wish you many congratulations Nigel for your successful 10 years with the business, we will celebrate together soon when the country returns to normal, as we all know, these things too shall pass.